Friday, February 19, 2010

Terrifying Submission

Test me, O Lord, and try me,
examine my heart and my mind;
for your love is ever before me,
and I walk continually in your truth.
-Psalm 26:2-3

This verse stands in my mind as such a dichotomy of a wonderful promise and a terrifying invitation. Verse two brings an alarming series of requests to God: Test me. Try me. Examine me. Push me. Stretch me. Bring me through valleys. Lead me over mountains. Show me my failings. Reveal my weaknesses. Asking the almighty creator and ruler of the universe for this and giving total control of your life over to Him for His own plans... that absolutely scares me out of mind! The severity of this lies in total submission to one who you know has the power to both destroy you and lift you up.
But its the promise of verse three that diminishes all those fears: because of God's love, we constantly walk with Him and in His plans. That's what dissolves the fear with handing everything over to God. He promises that what he does in our testing is not going to be more than we can handle with him by our side. Through the pushing, pulling, stretching, trial, difficulties, and hardships comes strength, as God molds and makes you into more and more a picture of His glorified servant. We can have confidence in knowing that His testing and trying can be endured as we walk continually with Him and that He makes us into a stronger child of God.